Still Alive

I received a lovely e-mail from Michael over at Hollywood Juicer:

Dude, it’s ten days since you last posted.  Not that I mean to pressure you (being barely able one post a week, this pot will not hurl accusations of “blackness” towards any kettle at all), but when someone who typically puts up something four or five times a week suddenly goes stone-cold silent, the rest of us begin to wonder.

Your perceptive and often deliciously caustic commentary is missed out here in Industry Blogville.  Hope all is well.

It’s true, I have been neglecting my bloggitory duties.  It’s due to an overabundance of work, and in these economic times, I can’t really complain about that.  I’ve been pulling 14 to 20 hour days at my real job, and at least 10 hour days helping my friend shoot his web series.  Plus, I’m trying to get my own short film off the ground.  Add in Valentine’s day, and poof!  TAPA disappears.

I have been making notes regarding the last couple weeks, so don’t worry, the caustic commentary shall return soon.

In the meanwhile, I recommend to all of my readers (except Michael himself) to read his much more measured and reasonable response to the Christian Bale fiasco.

And Alan, don’t worry, I’ll get to your question soon.

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5 Responses

  1. Second Thoughts: O.K. Maybe the bathing is a generous nod toward others, but not us. To paraphrase, nobody smells your a dog on the internet.

    If you must dump one activity, that one is up for grabs.

    You’re welcome.

  2. Shame on you. I felt certain you had learned that overwork and lack of personal time is no excuse for neglecting ANYTHING else in your life. All that work and eating and sleeping and spending time with your family and breathing and bathing…that’s all for your benefit.

    The blog is a duty to us! Prioritize!

    (Oh, and yeah. Glad to hear your alive. 😀

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