Who the Hell Watches NCIS?

My parents, apparently.

One of the great mysteries for those of us who make television (and if you’re feeling generous, that would include me) is who the hell watches those procedural dramas that take up a good chunk of the Neilson’s weekly top 20. I literally don’t know anyone who watches them.

Then, just today, I introduced my dad to the wonder that is internet television, he immediately asked where he could find CBS shows, so he could download the latest episode of NCIS.

Can’t he just buy a copy of A Few Good Men and watch it once a week?  It’s pretty much the same thing.

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14 Responses

  1. My wife LOVES the show and I can’t stand it. It’s so paint by the numbers and the LA show is even worse. Just because a lot of people watch doesn’t make it a great show. I can’t wait for the day when CBS graces us with NCIS;SURVIVOR and NCIS:BIG BROTHER!! Then

  2. Pauline Kael is famously (and apocryphally) quoted as saying that she “couldn’t believe. Nixon had won” in 1972, since no one she knew had voted for him.

    The quote is often trotted out to demonstrate how liberal, intellectual, Hollywood types (of which I am at least one) are out of touch with mainstream, popular opinion.

  3. Mr Anonymous,
    Your link doesn’t go anywhere that makes sense, and it’s written in grammatically incorrect English. You might not want to be so critical of your dad.
    I watch NCIS mostly for the relationships among the characters. As a veteran who works in the medical field (among other things) I could care less about the autopsy scenes, and references to mass spectrometers.

  4. I hate to tell you this, but NCIS beats most of the crappy CSI shows – with the exception maybe of CSI Miami – by a mile. And as far as that cute Jewish girl is concerned, I would have no problems dating her.

  5. NCIS for the whole is pretty good, though it has had some pretty bad shows as well.

    If the first show you catch is a lame one, then you probably think that’s the whole series, but it’s not.

  6. I assume that you are referring to the “literary” quality of the show, and I get that. As someone who recently graduated with an MA/MLIS in creative writing and library science, I understand (and now, don’t think I could) not writing in genre.

    However, as someone who doesn’t know much about TV production, NCIS is one of my favorite shows. That and Gilmore Girls.

    But, if you were to tell me that The DaVinci Code is “literary” I might throw up in my mouth. So, I think I understand what you are saying… I think…?

  7. I never cared to watch it until recently because I had much the same idea as you- just a crappy formulaic drama of the type we’ve been cranking out for 50 years. After I caught an episode, though, I was surprised at how much I liked it.

  8. In truth, I’ve never given these shows much of a chance. I’ve watched only a couple episodes between the eight million shows out there.

    Still, I do believe it’s a common sentiment among industry folk.

  9. Be careful, Anonymous, or you might scare away your audience 🙂 I like NCIS quite a lot. It’s all about character interplay.

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