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WordPress has some neat features (much more so than Blogger or, God help us, Myspace, both of which I’ve used).  My favorite, besides the chart showing me how many readers I have, is the “referrers” tool.  I’m not sure how this is different than “incoming links;” if someone knows, please explain it to me.

Anyway, I find a lot of new websites and blogs, thanks to this tool.  I also get an idea of who’s reading about me, which is always fun.

For instance, there’s David Schulman’s “something for the kids.” It turns out there are many aspiring writers who blog out there.  Who knew?  (By the way, David, I’m not a part of the film industry bloggersTheir PA posts sporadically, and has a picture that implies she wants to do strange things to me with her coffee.)

There’s also A TV Calling, which features intelligent discussions of the art and business of television.  Here’s a few ideas about how to improve TV.

Lastly, I’m starting to get tagged on Facebook, which is kinda cool.  I guess now I can get that, “I’m famous on Facebook!” T-shirt I’ve been eyeing.  Thanks, Summer and Jennifer!  (I know I’ve asked this before, but seriously, why does someone in San Fransisco or West Virginia care about this page?)

– – –

On an unrelated note, Halloween is coming up this week, as those of you with calendars may know.  Like every year, I’m having trouble coming up with a costume.

I’ve really only had two clever ones in my life.  One was Clark Kent, which basically involved putting on a glasses and a suit, with a Superman T-shirt underneath.  Everyone once in a while, I would pretend to hear something, rip open my shirt, and run away.

The other was Lenny, from Memento.  A friend wrote all over me with a sharpie.  Then, I walked around the party with a Polaroid camera and introduced myself to everyone over and over again.  One guy got the joke, and gave me a different name every time.  I still don’t know what his real name is.

I did come up with a funny one for a friend of mine.  She’s Mexican and her boyfriend’s white, so I suggested they dress up like a a Minuteman and an illegal immigrant, with her as the Minuteman.

Anyway.  If you’ve got any cool ideas, please let me know, so I don’t have to go as an anonymous blogger.

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13 Responses

  1. I found your blog when researching the life of a PA for a movie I had a dream about and am now trying to write (why on earth my subconscious would pick a profession I know next-to-nothing about as a core aspect of this movie, I have no clue!)

    Scariest costume I can think of this year is probably the stock market. Easy, too… foamcore with a big scary-ass downward jaggedy line.

  2. Hey Anon, thanks for the nod! I just hope this doesn’t create an influx of people to my site since, well, it’s not quite at version 1.0 yet. Also, the name of my site is simply The “something for the kids” is a rotating quote that, well, doesn’t quite rotate yet.

    Thanks too for the correction, I’ll make the change when I get a free minute. I’ll also plan to add your site to my blogroll once that free minute rolls around.

  3. Well if we’re playing “who’s where what now?”, I’m in Paris. 🙂

    Thanks for the linkage Anoynymous Assistant! 🙂

  4. Hey, I am international (Australia) I was reading your blog before it became cool. I got here from Mystery Man. I guess I have a thing for anonymous commentators. The internet is my nirvana.

  5. *ahem* I believe you would be the famous anonymous blogger
    The Lenny Momento costume sounds awesome! So inspired! We don’t celebrate Halloween in Australia so I have absolutely no thoughts on the matter. Dont really even know why i’m bothering you with this comment…

  6. Summer cares because I told her to =) I left the link on her Facebook wall lol.

    I found your blog from the Script Goddess.

    I’m in Vancouver if that helps identify me in your web stats lol.

  7. Believe it or not, people film a lot in SF! Enough so that I too am an enslaved employee of this great industry. Let’s just say we’re your smaller, low budget, next door neighbor.

    Insightful blog. I was perusing the net about camera loading, and came across your site/post, “The Most Hated Department”. Loved it, makes me want to become a loader/AC even more.

  8. Re: referrers vs. inbound links: links are blue text, and when someone clicks a link to your site on another site, it’s called a referral. Sites that link to you but don’t send you any traffic aren’t referrers.

    Costume: obama mask + turban + fake dynamite?

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