My Last Political Post, I Swear!

This week, anyway.

John Rogers has posted a clarification about the whole “self-pitying self-indulgent narcissist” thing.  He didn’t mean for it to apply to all conservatives who feel bullied around town.  Fair enough.

I think he was referring to me to me when he wrote, “There was one commenter who noted that in some jobs, as a low-level dude, you need to keep your mouth shut, or you’d be fired…  I sympathize.”

On a side note: it’s too bad he didn’t link to me; I could use the traffic, even if it is from his leftist, commie, pinko, hippie, pot-smoking, latte-sipping, Prius-driving, liberal readers.

How do you like them stereotypes, Scott? 😉

(To drift even farther afield of the point, Elana Frink thanked me for linking to her: “You mentioned me on your blog! I FEEL SO FAMOUS.”  What amazes me more than the fact that a couple hundred people read my thoughts daily is the idea that one of those people would be impressed that I linked to her.  The intertubes are weird.)

Anyway.  Back to the Kung Fu Monkey blog:

I once saw somebody fire a five year old. I’ve seen people fired because they didn’t go get their boss’s blow fast enough. Welcome to Hollywood. It’s awful. Politics will be the least of your worries in your hopefully long career.

I’m confused when people dismiss complaints with invocations of “That’s life!”  Is this supposed to make me feel better, or worse, or what?

So bad things happen.  The fact that I’m not the first (nor last) to suffer from them means I shouldn’t say anything about it?  What happened to the liberal credo, Speak Truth to Power?

It’s silly and irrelevant to tell me I’m young, and I haven’t seen the worst of it.  When I get fired for not getting the producer’s blow fast enough, I’ll complain about that, too.  That’s why I started this site.

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6 Responses

  1. Yeah, but if you get fired for not getting the Producer’s blow fast enough, you have to tell us who it was…and that means…duh, duh, duh…coming out from behind the curtain.

    Ha! That’ll be full of win for everyone…well, not you so much. 😀

  2. Oh wow, you linked to my comment! Should I feel famous now? Damnit, if only I had a blog or a website. 😉

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