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I’m on a job hunt right now, much sooner than I’d expected.  While perusing Craig’s List, I came across this ad.  After the usual rigmarole about being diligent and hard working, the ad ends thusly:

Please send a RESUME (with contact info)and a PHOTO.


I like how he staunchly avoids using the feminine pronoun, even though he’s totally looking for this:

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary

After that, he adds:

Do not send links, such as myspace in replacement of a photo. The application will be rejected if instructions are not followed.

So, not only does he expect you to send free porn, he doesn’t even want to go through the effort of clicking through to get at the free porn.  He just wants it in his inbox.  Now, that’s a power player.

Anyway, wish me luck on the job search.  Hopefully I’ll find something before I have to resort to this section of Craig’s List.

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Also, thanks to Hugo for directing me to the section of the WGA website that explains the rules regarding freelance writers.

The Company has the option of either (1) interviewing freelance writers for each unassigned story commitment, or (2) hiring freelance writers.

That reads to me like they don’t actually have to hire any freelance writers, though later it reads:

For series with an order of 13 or more episodes, the Company may choose the above or may choose as follows:
13 to 21 order – a minimum of two freelance writers to write two stories with option for teleplay.
Order of 22 or more– a minimum of three freelance writers to write three stories with option for teleplay, one of which must be exercised.

I’m still a little confused.  You can either interview freelance writers, or hire them.  What kind of rule is that?

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  1. Next time you come across an ad like that, which avoids any gender specification and asks for a photo, attach a photo of a kitten or likewise.
    They didn’t specify a photo of yourself…

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