Crackin’ Wise

One of our 2nd ADs just did one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

We’re shooting on location, and we have those “Filming in Progress” signs up all over the street. You know the ones, where they say, “If you’re in this area, we have the right to use your image and likeness.” I’m not sure how legitimate those are. I mean, can I put one of those signs up in a girls’ dorm, and start my own dirty picture website? When they complain, I’ll just shrug and say, “There’s a sign.”

Anyway, back to (slightly) less voyeuristic topics, we had just moved on to a new set up, and the camera turned around. Suddenly, the DP jumped out of his little monitor tent and ran across the street, which the camera could now see.

He searched up and down a brick wall, until he finally came across our “Filming in Progress” sign. On the monitor, it must have looked like a random white square in the middle of a red brick wall.

Now, a rational person would take the sign down, and throw it away. Not this guy, though. No, he marched up to our 2nd AD, thrust the paper into his hand, and growled, “Take this and wipe your ass with it.”

So the AD took it and wiped it on the DP.

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3 Responses

  1. Dude — and really, I’m much too old to be using the term “dude” — I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but must have pushed the wrong button. It didn’t stick.

    Old people… what are you gonna do?

    But a long time ago, in a universe very near, I too was a PA. Love that story. Most DP’s I’ve worked with are reasonably cool, but every now and then you get some clown who thinks his high-and-mighty shit really doesn’t stink. Those guys — and they’re always guys — are the worst. I’m glad to hear at least one AD knows how to deal with them.

    Excellent blog. I’ve added you to my blogroll, and will stay tuned.

  2. Terrific anecdote — I wish I’d seen that. Then again, being a juicer (and thus working for the gaffer who works for the DP), it would have been job-suicide for me to laugh. I find most DP’s are decent people, but every now and then you get one who thinks his high-and-mighty shit reallyl doesn’t stink.

    Great blog. I found it through Scripty and her Script Goddess website. I’ll be adding a link to yours on my own blogroll at


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